Some time ago, I was asked by Marcel Kampman to share some of my ideas and thinking for his webcast called the Happyplaces Project. This is what came out of it. 

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Who am I... ?

My name is Steinar Valade-Amland. I trained as an economist focusing on management and marketing. Through more than 30 years of professional practice, I have gathered extensive and valuable experience from various industries, filling manegerial roles within sales, marketing and PR, export and product management - leading to the design industry as an account director and later CEO of one of Denmark's leading brand design agencies.

From 2000 and until 2012, I headed Danish Designers - parallel with holding numerous honorary positions. Since 2012, I have acted as an independent consultant, workshop moderator, conference speaker and EU expert evaluator, reporter and reviewer. And, since 2019, I've been a part of the management team of Triagonal Information Design, specializing in wayfinding, crowd management and behavioural design. Moreover, I am the author of INNOLITERACY - from design thinking to tangible change as well as numerous articles and book contributions, amongst others with 15 articles to the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design, published in 2015. My second book, DESIGN: A BUSINESS CASE - Thinking, Leading, and Managing by Design. which I have been privileged to write together with a legendary design management authority, 

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Besides working with business development and

strategy, assessing EU proposals and sharing my

views and experiences with different audiences,

I'm also chairman of NDCC - Norwegian-Danish

Chamber of Commerce and Culture. This network

of companies and individuals, who are engaged in

trade and cultural relations between Norway and

Denmark, is highly inspirational, both on a profes-

sional and on a social and personal level.